The Mailman Plan

The Mailman Plan for Seniors:

  • Affordable Housing

Will advocate to set aside units for seniors in affordable housing developments and will host forums to help eligible seniors apply for the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE)

  • Fraud Prevention

Increase workshops to help seniors identifyIMG_1544 and avoid scams such as identity theft, sweepstakes fraud, fake check and grandparent scams and more, and create greater awareness of how to report fraud

  • Pedestrian Safety

Increase the number of traffic agents at congested intersections to facilitate safe travel

  • Life-long Programming

Will work with academic institutions and non-profit organizations to provide additional life-long learning opportunities and programming for seniors

  • Age-friendly reforms

Implement NYC’s Age Friendly plan which will increase senior access to technology and computer literacy courses, strategically locate benches throughout the district for seniors to relax and socialize and increase education for seniors on issues like fire safety.


The Mailman Plan for Public Safety:

  • Improve pedestrian safety by increasing the presence of traffic agents at crowded intersections and fight for more funding for fire department, police and emergency response personnel


The Mailman Plan for the Environment:

  • Seek ways to reduce rat infestations
  • Increase staff at the Department of Environmental Protection
  • Develop a Coastal Resiliency Plan for Waterside Plaza


The Mailman Plan for Tudor City:

  • Allocate capital funds to make improvements to the Robert Moses playground
  • Increase NYPD presence in response to noise violations, excessive car idling and other quality of life concerns
  • Address construction related issues on the Solow development sites
  • Assess the need for speed bumps and other street improvements along Tudor City Place to enhance pedestrian safety


The Mailman Plan for Stuy Town & Peter Cooper Village:

  • Preserve affordable housing. As the only attorney in the race, Jeff fully understands tenants’ rights and how best to support them.
  • Advocate for funding not-for-profit organizations that support tenants through legal representation in harassment and eviction proceedings
  • Fight to make rental increases pursuant to Major Capital Improvements (MCIs) temporary
  • Improve pedestrian safety
  • Develop alternative transit options in light of the impending L-train shutdown
  • Will work on having sufficient access to medical care and ensure that homeless individuals receive the services they need


The Mailman Plan for Waterside Plaza:

  • Work with Brookdale Neighborhood Coalition to address concerns and to evaluate alternative locations for the proposed sanitation garage on East 25th Street
  • Fine-tune the East Side Coastal Resiliency Plan to protect Waterside from severe storms
  • Renovate the 25th Street pedestrian bridge to make it ADA compliant and to address safety concerns such as insufficient lighting and slippery surfacesunnamed (2)
  • Work to improve M34 bus service on nights and weekends


The Mailman Plan for Animal Welfare:

  • Require shelters to increase the time frame that animals may be rescued in order to stop the killing of so many adoptable pets


The Mailman Plan to Improve Community Relations:

  • Combat rising anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination by sponsoring regular community forums to promote religious and ethnic tolerance
  • Deliver funding for important Organizations such as UJA, The Jewish Board, The Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty and more
  • Support the Elie Wiesel Holocaust Survivors Initiative, which provides social services and support to improve the quality of life for survivors living below the poverty line
  • Work with the NYPD to strengthen security for religious institutions and day schools, particularly during holidays and services
  • Champion the Jewish Community Relations Council’s trips to Israel, which promotes economic ties between NYC and Israel


The Mailman Plan for Small Businesses:

  • Fight to repeal the Commercial Rent Tax that is strangling our small businesses in Manhattan allowing local businesses a chance to succeed
  • Reform the Tax Code to eliminate any economic incentives to keep storefronts vacant
  • Form a task force to address the full spectrum of issues facing small businesses such as rising real estate taxes, access to capital and navigating city agencies’ regulations


The Mailman Plan for Worker Protection:

  • Do more about inspecting  work at construction sites in the evenings and on weekends to ensure that proper safety measures are adhered to


The Mailman Plan for supporting the Performing Arts:

  • Research the proposals specified in the League of Independent Theater’s 2017 Performing Arts Platform to figure out ways to create new rehearsal/ performance spaces throughout the City. Proposals included: creating a searchable database of community spaces, property tax incentives, favorable utility rates and exchange workshops.


The Mailman Plan for Schools:

  • Jeff is a strong supporter of public schools, where his mother works as a speech therapist. He will continue to fight for better conditions in our classrooms and for the highest educational standards.