Jeff Mailman is a lifelong New Yorker who has devoted his career to improving life for his fellow citizens.  Now Jeff is running for City Council to fight for residents of the 4th Council District.  From Murray Hill to the heart of Midtown to the Upper East Side, Jeff will stand up for us.

For the past six years, Jeff has served as the Counsel and Legislative Director for New York City Council Member Elizabeth Crowley.  Jeff currently assists the Council Member in analyzing and researching legislation and policy proposals on topics that include physical education in public schools, critical fire safety and smoke alarms, animal protection/welfare, cancer prevention measures and consumer protection for seniors and families.

Prior to joining the Council Member, Jeff worked in the Bureau of Consumer Fraud and Protection at the N.Y.S. Attorney General’s Office on a public service fellowship.  In this role, Jeff investigated credit card debt settlement and credit repair companies and online marketers of “free trial” promotions for deceptive business practices.

Prior to working in the public sector, Jeff served as a Dean’s Fellow and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Legal Writing Center at his alma mater, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.

Jeff is a resident of Turtle Bay (Midtown East) and has looked out for our neighborhoods as a member of Community Board 6 and the Turtle Bay Association.  He has served on the board of the Turtle Bay Association and was a former full board member of Manhattan Community Board Six where he has served on both the Public Safety and Environment Committee and the Health and Education Committee.  Jeff, also, remains active in his community through his membership at Temple Emanu-El and through participation in community events.

Jeff grew up in Hollis Hills, Queens, – with his parents, sister and twin brother – and attended public schools in that area.

A Poem About Jeff's Candidacy

I was touched when a dear friend and campaign supporter presented me with this acrostic poem.

J is for Justice … Jeff Mailman has a J.D. degree and, as an attorney, he has worked for more than six years in the City Council to improve the lives of East Side residents in particular and all New Yorkers in general.

E is for Education and Equality … Jeff worked to deliver reform that “directed more resources for physical education in public schools” and he will continue to fight for improved conditions in classrooms to create a better environment for learning and teaching.…He has helped to advance the agendas of the City Council’s Women’s Caucus, including gender equality regarding workers’ pay.

F is for Fire-Safety and Fraud-Prevention … Jeff worked to deliver reform that “distributed 100,000 state-of-the-art smoke alarms.”…He has “worked to protect consumers from the deceptive practices of abusive credit card companies, real estate companies and advertising firms.”

F is for Funds and Families … Increased funds for cancer prevention screenings was another delivered reform on which Jeff worked….Jeff wants to “bring commonsense reforms that support Manhattan families and seniors in the 4th District.”

M is for Maintenance … It is often said that New York City will be “a great place to live if it is ever finished.”  As there are so many active construction sites at any given time, Jeff is concerned about the enforcement of inspections and ensuring the safety of both the workers and the people who live in and/or may pass through those areas.

A is for Animal Welfare … Jeff worked to deliver reforms that ban pet stores from selling “puppy mill” dogs and require disclosure of information regarding source of animals and any health conditions.

I is for Issues … Jeff has engaged in dialogues concerning numerous issues, including “additional resources for seniors, such as the establishment of a new lifelong learning center” and seeking “ways to reduce rat infestations.”

L is for Legislation … Jeff has served as the Legislative Director and Counsel for New York City Council Member Elizabeth Crowley, working on matters that affect all New York City residents.

M is for Membership … As a resident of Manhattan Midtown East Side, Jeff has been an active member and former Board member of the Turtle Bay Association.  He is a Public Member of Community Board 6; he currently serves on the Health and Education Committee and previously served on the Public Safety and Environment Committee.

A is for Affordable … Jeff is “dedicated to preserving affordable housing and protecting tenants’ rights.”

N is for Noise-Reduction … Jeff will continue to address the issue of enforcement of the Noise Code.